Kustom Beauties LLC was just a thought that came to me in a dream. I woke up the next day and said no way could that work, I do not even have a starting point. I waited and debated for months on just starting with a business plan. A good friend and I were talking about how sometimes all a woman wants is to be PRETTY. Sometimes we just want to escape the scars of our past or present (abuse, insecurity, depression, exhaustion, wanting a quick make over, having a bad day or just overall feeling “ugly”). We just want to mask ourselves and be someone more “prettier”, more secure, more self loving and feel good. This is when I decided I would provide a way for women to add a little “something” to transform their look. I believe we are all BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Sometimes we need a little “boost” to bring out that inner beauty. That is where our lashes were developed. When you use our lashes you will feel prettier, feel more embraced, scars will be “covered” and you will become more than just the “hardship” you are going through or have faced. The name Kustom Beauties is a spin on custom. Just like our customers we wanted to stand out and be UNIQUE.

We provide various types of lashes of lashes because we understand our customers are unique. Here at Kustom Beauties LLC we strive to make everyone feel beautiful!!!! Embrace your inner beauty!!!!!!!!